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He walks a city of bullet riddled minds, with havoc escaping the mouths of brutal racists, stray dogs meeting more glorious words than him. Every other turn was a drug spot, every corner shop resembled the familiar face of a B&E party store, every love became a tragedy, and many of life’s expectations were not suited for him. Nights he wandered through old Martin Luther King Jr. park ignoring warnings of the danger that would meet him there. It’s here that he would contemplate the trials of life.

These city streets remained torn and potholed as he grew. This was a location where the poor become poorer, and even the middle class is wrenched into the downward funnel of misfortune. His was an existence where welfare cheese was plentiful, free lunch was magnificent, and friends were friends. Situated herein, a tight knit family strives to survive in the midst of animation. Manifested in that very inner city house were sounds of joy, happiness, arguments, pain, and fighting. It is in this exact environment, that a young man begins to write scriptures. These writings became the escape from the cement seas of pain and anguish that would confront the man made from Bronze.

A cast of pure hearted men ran with him, aiming to maintain a righteous path along their travels. Each individual brought a new sense of thought and knowledge into each other’s lives. From this wisdom Bronze prospered, and a mounting aspiration began to mold itself in the form of sound. As life moved on, this noble man became part of the city, and part of the grief that has drizzled onto the souls of man. Through his fingers, hip hop music became the map by which he would navigate his existence. Utensils such as keyboards, notepads, pens, pencils, computers, and mics became the medium through which he spoke.

Out of the structures of life, lessons, experience, and understanding comes Bronze Nazareth, a student in the school of life.

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